String is an online, data recording, tool. The system enables users at all phases in the supply chain to request information about the product from their suppliers. If the data is missing, or if certain validation rules are not met, the data will be marked as incomplete or invalid. Users can generate reports from the data to get a complete picture of the flow of the product throughout the supply chain, and all the available data. By tracing products at a batch level, String makes it difficult for quantities of certified products to be falsified, and as each organization is responsible for their own data there is a clear record of who recorded what and when. String is flexible, and it can be customized to record any data about any type of product. The system has been piloted in a number of industries including timber, textiles and minerals.

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String users are able to trace any product along the supply chain, from the forest to the finished product. This includes complex and extended supply chains and through the transformational processes.

Information Accuracy

Buyers and suppliers use a “handshake” mechanism to confirm that the data already entered by the previous organization is correct before entering their own data. If the data recorded is missing, or in violation of previously established validation rules, the system marks the data as incomplete or invalid. The system has built-in tools for third party auditing.


String makes it easier to identify data discrepancies. The “handshake” mechanism between buyer and supplier means that all actors along the supply chain would be in collusion to enable deliberate falsification of the data. String can be customized to store/request legality/verification documents or certificates.