Requires suppliers of solid wood products to provide information about the species of wood and place of harvest. The Duty seeks to promote transparency and enable customers to choose responsible wood products.

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Supply Chain Focus

Forest production


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Federal Consumer Affairs Bureau (FCAB)

+41 031 322 20 00


Requires suppliers to provide the place of harvest. In general the information should be posted on the product, close to it, or in the packaging. Initially, roundwood, wood in the rough and some solid wood products are covered. Declaration requirements to other wood products will be extended and clarified as the EU Illegal Timber Regulation is implemented.

Information Accuracy

The Federal Consumer Affairs Bureau will conduct various forms of enforcement including surveys at points of sale and documentation audits. The agency might also enlist assistance of private and public organizations in enforcement actions.


With the database on the website of the Federal Consumer Affairs Bureau, it is possible to obtain information about the scientific name and the trade name of the type of wood, necessary for the declaration. In addition, the database provides distribution areas of different types of wood, as well as information on whether the type of wood is protected by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora