Guidelines for purchasing of tropical timber.

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Supply Chain Focus

Forest production



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Draft criteria include requirements to track products throughout the supply chain and verification through the certification process.

Information Accuracy

Requirements for monitoring and verification are covered through the certification process.


Legality requirements in draft criteria are similar to UK central government criteria for legal timber. Requires that the forest owner/manager hold legal use rights, compliance with all relevant laws related to forest management, environment, labor and welfare, health and safety and other parties’ tenure and use rights. Criteria also require payment for all relevant royalties and taxes, as well as compliance with CITES requirements. Accepts CSA, FSC, MTCC, PEFC and SFI as schemes that provide adequate documentation of legality. Accepts alternative instruments to verify legality such as SGS’s Timber Legality and Traceability Verification; SmartWood’s Verification of Legal Compliance. FLEGTlicenses where available.


Draft criteria address seven thematic elements for SFM, including protection and productive functions of forest resources and forest health and vitality. Previous guidelines considered FSC and MTCS (PEFC endorsed) to provide adequate guarantees for sustainably produced tropical wood.

Unique Forest Values

Draft criteria includes seven thematic elements against which SFM should be addressed; one of these elements is the protection and maintenance of biodiversity, conservation/along with key ecosystems or habitats and protection of features and species of outstanding or exceptional value.

Social Aspects

Draft criteria include seven thematic elements, including maintenance of socioeconomic functions, legality of property and tenure rights, respect for customary and traditional rights, as well as health and workers’ rights.