Practical guidance to develop and implement sustainable procurement.

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Forest production



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The Forest Trust

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Provides advice for companies to identify the sources of their wood (e.g., sending questionnaires, interviewing suppliers, etc). Provides an overview of options for wood tracking, chains-of-custody, and potential issues.

Information Accuracy

Provides advice about third-party verification systems, as well as potential issues.


Provides overview definitions of illegal and legal wood, as well as guidance to exclude illegal wood from the supply chain.


Promotes sourcing from verifiable sustainably managed forests. Provides an overview of international initiatives to develop criteria and indicators for assessing, monitoring and reporting on SFM, as well as certification systems. Definition of unwanted wood includes wood from forest conversion projects, dam clearance projects and others.

Unique Forest Values

Provides an overview of unwanted wood, includes wood from high conservation value forests, endangered forests, and others.

Social Aspects

Provides an overview of unwanted wood, which includes: material from places where harvesting is associated with human rights violations, wood used to underwrite armed conflicts, or wood that breaks UN trade sanctions.